Garth Fleeton
Owner at Marrick & Co

We purchased the two premier apartments in the historical Lilydale House at the Marrick & Co development to add to our property portfolio in 2019. Since our first engagement with Chris Kiazidis the Building Manager for the Marrick & Co Marrickville, we have had nothing but AAA excellence service. We would like to highly commend Chris Kiazidis and the Pacific Building Management Group for their professionalism, willingness to assist in all matters, attention to detail, clear communications, professional knowledge and attentiveness. Chris has always prided himself with a hands on approach. Chris is always pleasant, helpful and sincere. He is always contactable and always prompt in answering questions, organising anything which is needed not only by myself but my tenants as well. Chris goes above and beyond to deliver a wonderful and personalised service one of the highest standard. We are also on the Strata Committee for Marrick & Co. As we all know the first year of a new development has teething problems. Chris has made the transition from a development site to a beautiful community a seamless transaction. Everything from blocked sewers to drainage problems, graffiti to security, garbage to building maintenance, the community cottage garden to garden maintenance and installation, Chris is onto everything even before it becomes an issue. We highly recommend Chris Kiazidis and the Pacific Building Management Group. Thank you Chris for everything. We are all so lucky to have you at Marrick & Co.

Anthony Zammit
NSW State Manager

We deal with Pacific BM on several sites across Sydney and Melbourne and find their professionalism enhances our quality of service.
Having professional Building Managers is a must for any development. Waste Wise welcomes working with Pacific BM on any site.


John Burton

Pacific Building Management Group (PBMG) is represented at the Genesis building where I live. Over the course of a few years, I have also met others from PBMG, including some of the senior management team, who make a point of visiting the building from time to time. In every case, I have found those individuals very professional and courteous. I think one of the benefits of dealing with PBMG is the personal side of dealing with the Building Manager. Whatever happens in the building, the building manager seems to know how to fix it, and where to get the appropriate skills to quickly fix the issue. He really cares not just about the building, but also about the people who are the residents and workers here.

Greg Stone
Committee Member for GENESIS

This strata would be in one real mess if we didn’t have David Johnson (David) from PBMG as the manager. His technical knowledge assists the good running of a complex continuing situation.

I have lived in the strata in excess of 10 years and David is the best manager that we have had during this period – others were good but David is exemplary

Rosemary Day
Chairperson at Entrada

Pacific Building Management Group (PBMG) have been the Building Management Company at the Entrada Complex, 20 Victoria Road, Parramatta NSW since November 2014.  This is a large complex that consists of 164 residential strata units and a BMC. During this time, we have dealt with many serious issues in regard to extensive building faults that have required the Building Management Company and its employees to be able to handle complex issues and to meet deadlines in arranging contractors and consultants to be on site and to have access to areas and units as required.  This has required the Building Manger, not only to have good organisational skills, but sound knowledge of what and who is required to address the issues.  This needs to be in the most financially advantageous method for the Owners Corporation. When required, as the Chairperson of the Strata Community and a member of the BMC, I have always had access to senior management of the company, who have responded appropriately and punctually to our requests.  Both Committees (BMC & SP) have had extensive dealings with senior management with satisfactory outcomes. I believe that PBMG have appropriate policies and procedures in place that allow the Strata Buildings that they supply services to, to function in a professional and safe manner. In the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, they were very proactive in putting in place policies and procedures to keep strata buildings safe.   If they did not have the answer, they made enquiries through the appropriate official channels to achieve resolution.

Anthony Arpino
Secretary at East at Erko

“I’ve been the Secretary of East at Erko’s Strata Committee for the last 5 years and have worked closely with Pacific Building Management Group (PBMG) during this time. We have been extremely happy with the service provided by PBMG. We have always experienced very smooth running of the building and the common areas and any building issues have been dealt with in an efficient and timely manner when identified. Our building managers have always been easily contactable and approachable. In particular, Nicholas Zayat, our current building manager, is an asset to both PBMG and our building. He takes a pro-active and pragmatic approach to the management of the building and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. It’s important for us as a Strata Committee to have faith and trust in our building management company and we have been very content with the service provided by PBMG to date.”


Harbourside Community Association

Pacific BMG have been servicing the Waterfront Estate since 2007 with Facilities Management services. Their onsite team and support from Senior Management at Head Office has allowed for the smooth operation of an estate comprising of over 2600 lots. “… I am confident that they have the capability and industry experience to successfully provide facilities services everywhere.

Waterfront Community Association

Pacific Building Management Group provide facility management of our community association and for most of the Strata making up our community. PBMG do a magnificent job managing the facilities, delivering high quality and consistent services. The whole team at PBMG are very professional, approachable and easy to work with. PBMG do a great job of managing our sub-contractors and managing maintenance services as required and have had an ongoing relationship with our Strata and Community Association. Services PBMG have delivered for us include site maintenance including roads, footpaths and gardens; building maintenance including repairs, regular service and remedial works; both internal and external cleaning services; security services, quality assurance of service provided to the community, meeting participation with full detailed reporting, traffic management and special event management, compliance management and services management; (refuse, gardening, repairs, maintenance, fire services, and infrastructure). Whether it be building or site maintenance, the team at PBMG have constantly delivered great service. I have also used PBMG services on other sites and have no problem referring them.

Top Ryde City Living
Management Committee

Pacific have been providing Facilities Management services including Building Management, Cleaning and Security services at Top Ryde since the opening of the development in 2012. They have successfully managed this site over the last 7 years on behalf of the BMC and Resi Strata Plans and I highly recommend their services.