Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance

We understand that a clear, sparkling swimming pool and spa are great luxuries which require professional maintenance and care to achieve.
We offer our valued clients the expertise of our qualified pool technicians to attend to the routine maintenance of the swimming pool, spa and related equipment.

Cleaning swimming pools and spas is a hectic job, and that is one reason why you should leave it to the professionals. Pacific Building Management Services provides pool maintenance services to residents and business owners in Sydney.

Pool Maintenance Sydney
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Filtration system checks
  • Test and adjust the pH balance
  • Comprehensive water analysis
  • Regular servicing and trouble-shooting
  • Document management
  • Equipment repairs and replacement

We have specially trained professionals who are experts in pool cleaning and maintenance and will ensure your pool as good as new in no time. We also use the best equipment available and exercise extreme care and caution while handling your pools or spas.

We only supply and recommend quality products that perform well, are reliable and proven to be long-lasting to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

For the best pool and spa cleaning maintenance services in Sydney, give us a call now.

Normal pool cleaning procedures involve removal of leaves and other waste using a net and refilling of water. Deep cleaning services will also be offered in case of very poor maintenance, but that is not usually necessary if the pool has been in use for a while.