Insights on Facility Management Trends That Every Business Should Know

Insights on Facility Management Trends That Every Business Should Know

We are in a decade where ideas, technologies, and attitudes are discussed which will redefine the facility management industry. As a facility manager, you need to be prepared for what’s to come to succeed in such an era. Yes, there will be new constraints and challenges in the world of facility management, and you need to be prepared for new paradigms and technologies.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. There are so many trends that facility managers are told to prioritise. But, determining what is actually important and how it helps the business can be challenging. This is where we, facilities management professionals, come to the rescue. In this blog, we have highlighted the latest facility management trends that will define this year and future.


Of course, the idea of outsourcing facilities management services is nothing new. But, it will deliver a mass boost to the sector as this trend is driven by the demand for reduced operating costs and high-quality work experiences. Besides, this trend is further boosted by the increased cost of managing the facility by employing in-house team and the complex task of managing large services.

In fact, “it is predicted that by 2025, the global outsourcing market will hit $1 trillion.” Thanks to the operational and financial benefits provided by outsourcing Facilities Management Melbourne.

However, the primary reasons for outsourcing facilities management shouldn’t be based on cost. But, on the ability to deliver outstanding services which can reduce the load of facility managers so that they can focus on other core activities of their role.

Integrating Smart technology

It is no wonder the Internet of Things (TOI) technologies are being adopted more and more. In fact, since facility users are accustomed to using smart technologies, the TOI is set to drive more demand. This is where the challenges lie for facility managers as you have to develop the skills to integrate the technology safely and effectively into the facility.

Workplace Personalisation and Well-Being

Like consumers who are grown accustomed to personalised experience, employees now expect the same in the workplace. Many facilities have started to address this need so that it allows their workforce to stay connected to their workplace. You need to take responsibility in motivating, attracting, and retaining employees by creating great workplace experiences.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

When it comes to facilities management, sustainability is a prominent issue as improving it is more important than ever.  Yes, you have to consider the building’s effects on human health. In fact, as a facility manager, you have to start looking for sustainable alternatives to create environmentally-friendly commercial spaces, including decreased water, material, and electrical use.

Expectations of the coming years are high. It is essential to keep up with the trends and be proactive in overcoming the challenges ahead. Speak to our Facilities Management Sydney team to find out how to boost your operation and cope up with these challenges.