Pacific Building Management Group (PBMG) have been the Building Management Company at the Entrada Complex, 20 Victoria Road, Parramatta NSW since November 2014.  This is a large complex that consists of 164 residential strata units and a BMC. During this time, we have dealt with many serious issues in regard to extensive building faults that have required the Building Management Company and its employees to be able to handle complex issues and to meet deadlines in arranging contractors and consultants to be on site and to have access to areas and units as required.  This has required the Building Manger, not only to have good organisational skills, but sound knowledge of what and who is required to address the issues.  This needs to be in the most financially advantageous method for the Owners Corporation. When required, as the Chairperson of the Strata Community and a member of the BMC, I have always had access to senior management of the company, who have responded appropriately and punctually to our requests.  Both Committees (BMC & SP) have had extensive dealings with senior management with satisfactory outcomes. I believe that PBMG have appropriate policies and procedures in place that allow the Strata Buildings that they supply services to, to function in a professional and safe manner. In the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, they were very proactive in putting in place policies and procedures to keep strata buildings safe.   If they did not have the answer, they made enquiries through the appropriate official channels to achieve resolution.