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Welcome to Pacific Building Management Group

Pacific Building Management Group PBMG is Australian-Owned and in just over 20 years, has become a market leader. We have achieved this by offering a unique combination of comprehensive integrated high-quality services to Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Public Facilities.  We are focused on a progressive and modern service approach, working in close collaboration with our clients, to achieve optimum results. Pacific Building Management Group, the leading provider of building service Sydney area in the building management Sydney area industry,  caters to our client’s unique and individual needs.

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Facilities management

Our experienced Facilities Management team works closely with Senior Management and receives ongoing training to ensure our services exceed client expectation

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Our Valued Clients


For most commercial or strata buildings in Australia, building management services will usually include:

  • Building Management / Facilities Management
  • Landscaping Services
  • Asset Management
  • Defects & Repairs Management
  • Pre and Post Construction Management & Quality Assurance
  • Concierge Services
  • Cleaning Services

A Building Management System or “BMS” will be employed to look after a facility’s, defects lodgements, asset management, facility bookings, reporting to clients.

Residents and trades people on site can use a BMS to flag issues to the building management firm as they arise to get prompt resolution to their concerns.

Learn about BLOGIX, Pacific Building Management’s industry leading BMS portal to better manage your building’s assets.